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SnapShot Snaps Up ex-Googler Director Dr. Stefan Tweraser (siliconangle.com)

Ex-Google Germany Director, Dr. Stefan Tweraser has been named to infuse some Silicon Valley-style efficiency into a cutting edge Big Data for hospitality startup based in Berlin. SnapShot GmbH is an Austrian firm leading the data analytics charge to empower hotel management with guest and business intelligence.

Big Data analytics prowess is the coming paradigm for the hospitality industry. Like so many businesses, hotels these days accumulate enormous amounts of data on their customers, finances, industry trends, and more. But unlike other industries that have already embraced the Big Data revolution, most hotels are still stuck in a time-warp, with the bulk of their data lying unused, either locked away in silos or tied up in customer relationship management systems where it’s inaccessible to all but the most advanced data scientists.

Dr. Tweraser and the core management team as SnapShot, have taken aim at solving hoteliers' Big Data problems.

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