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NewMadTech Event in Madrid on March 14 - Beta-Experience (nash120.wix.com)

Based on a Whiteboard Article (http://www.whiteboardmag.com/why-spain-has-an-entrepreneurship-problem-and-why-theres-hope/) a group of students from ESCP Europe Business School, specializing in Entrepreneurship, will hold an event in Madrid on March 14:

Spain suffers from a brain drain, from the migration as the only way out of the crisis. The alternative would be starting your own business. A few entrepreneurs did just that, but it´s still not a popular choice in Spain. Among the main reasons are the missing encouragement for entrepreneurship in schools, the risk aversion and small thinking of Spaniards, the bad image of entrepreneurship, and the government´s missing aim to thrive. On the contrary, Spain does show a lot of skills in innovation.

Through a focus on this strength, the implementation of an entrepreneurial mind-set in young tech-savvy people can be boosted and the far-reaching co-creation of striving Spanish entrepreneurs with users as their new supporters triggered. Thus, our Event focuses on the main key issues at once, in an unprecedented and unique way. It is an entertaining real-world exposure. Our Beta-Experience is Hands-on-Start-ups!

New Mad Tech involves early-stage Tech Start-ups with a focus on social interactions and communications. The Start-ups get the opportunity to raise awareness, proof concept to investors and further develop their product.

New Mad Tech is co-driven by an exclusive crowd of interested, tech-savvy and trustworthy users. The crowd takes the beta-test to the next level shaped by their expertise, knowledge and valuable feedback.

Please sign in for the event, encourage friends to go, and let us know if you are an entrepreneur that wants to be part of this great opportunity.

2 points by martiniweber over 4 years ago | 3 comments

Thanks for posting, Martin. I made a user for you on the main site too, so you can post the event there.

1 point by rafweverbergh over 4 years ago  

also interesting to get some insights: https://www.facebook.com/newmadtech2013

1 point by martiniweber over 4 years ago  

did you manage to upload the info on the event?

1 point by rafweverbergh over 4 years ago